Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey for Local Group Dwarf Galaxies

Yutaka Komiyama

Local Group dwarf galaxies are important targets to investigate the evolution of galaxies in the group environment. Their properties can be observed in detail in various wavelength thanks to their vicinity, but their large apparent sizes have prevented them from deep observation from the center to the outskirts of galaxies. Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) on the Subaru Telescope, which has large field of view (1.5 degrees in diameter), would be the best instrument for the survey of Local Group dwarf galaxies. We therefore have carried out deep and wide survey to reveal their evolution from resolved stellar populations. The survey covers target galaxies beyond the tidal radii and goes down to the depth unexplored by previous surveys, providing ultimate dataset for Local Group dwarf galaxies. In this presentation, I summarize the results for some target galaxies: The dwarf spheroidal galaxy Ursa Minor which shows an extended stellar structure beyond the tidal radius and an hint for the existence of substructures, and the dwarf irregular galaxy NGC6822 which shows a widely spread star-formation activities over the galaxy.