Status of HSC SSP Survey

Satoshi Miyazaki

Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) is a new wide field optical imaging camera built for 8.2 m Subaru telescope. The field of view is 1.5 degree in diameter and the nearly 50 cm image circle was paved by 116 fully depleted CCDs (2k x 4k 15 micron square pixels). To realize seeing limit imagings at Mauna Kea, the specification on the overall instrument PSF is set at 0.32 arc-second (FWHM). This is crucial for our primary scientific objectives: weak gravitational lensing survey to probe dark matter distribution. Through the commissioning run, we now know that all the specifications are met and we routinely obtain sub-arcsec images (Median in i-band is 0''.6.) HSC started the science operations in March, 2014 and the camera kept acquiring the survey data since then. General observer programs are carried out in parallel. The wide survey plans to cover 1,400 square degree with the limiting magnitude of i_AB = 26 (5 sigma, 2 arcsec aperture). In this talk, we will present the latest status report of the survey and highlight some of the science results.