ALMA detected overdensity of sub-millimeter sources around WISE/NVSS-selected z~2 dusty quasars

Andrea L. Silva

We study the environments of 49 WISE/NVSS-selected hyper-luminous, heavily obscured, z~2 quasars using the ALMA in Band 7 (345 GHz). We find that 17 of the 49 WISE/NVSS sources show additional sub-mm galaxies within the ALMA primary beam which, probing scales within ~150 kpc. We find a total of 23 additional sub-millimeter sources, four of which are in the field of a single WISE/NVSS source. The measured 870 um source counts are ~10 times higher what is expected for unbiased regions, suggesting such hyper-luminous dusty quasars are excellent at probing high-density peaks.