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Review talk: 30min talk and 5min Q&A
Targeted talk: 20min talk and 5min Q&A
Contributed talk: 15min talk and 5min Q&A

Mon, 28th Nov

start end duration type name title
9:00 9:30 30 Registration
9:30 9:40 10 Welcome Kodama/Kawabata SOC/LOC announcements
9:40 10:15 35 Opening Nobuo Arimoto Subaru Strategy for 2020's
I. Cosmic Dawn
Chair: Nagao 10:15 10:50 35 Review Dan Stark The Spectroscopic Properties of Galaxies in the Reionization Era
10:50 11:20 30 Coffee break
11:20 11:45 25 Targeted Benedetta Ciardi Cosmic reionization: theoretical modeling and challenging observations
11:45 12:05 20 Contributed Yoshiaki Ono Bright End of the UV Luminosity Functions at z=4-7 Derived with the 200 deg^2 Data of the Subaru HSC Survey
12:05 12:25 20 Contributed Akira Konno First Subaru/HSC results of Lya Luminosity Functions at z=5.7 and 6.6
12:25 12:35 1 Poster short talks (P1-P6)
12:35 14:00 85 Lunch break
Chair: Ouchi 14:00 14:35 35 Review Pascal Oesch Our Current View of Galaxy Build-up at Cosmic Dawn
14:35 15:00 25 Targeted Ivo Labbe Stellar population properties of faint galaxies at 7 < z < 11 from the GREATS survey
15:00 15:20 20 Contributed Yuichi Harikane Galaxy-Dark Matter Halo Connection at z=0-7 Revealed by the Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam and Hubble Surveys
15:20 15:50 30 Coffee break
15:50 16:25 35 Review Rebecca Bowler Studying the evolution of bright galaxies at z > 6 with degree-scale near-IR surveys from VISTA and UKIRT
16:25 16:45 20 Contributed Takatoshi Shibuya First demographics of very bright Lya emitters at z~6-7 uncovered by the large area Subaru HSC narrowband imaging and deep spectroscopy
16:45 17:05 20 Contributed Yoshiki Matsuoka Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-Luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs)
17:05 17:25 20 Contributed Brent Groves ALMA Observations of z~3 star forming galaxies: No Change in Global Star Formation Process out to z > 3

Tue, 29th Nov

II. Cosmic Noon/Afternoon
Chair: Hopkins 9:20 9:55 35 Review Elisabete da Cunha Modelling the spectral energy distributions of galaxies at cosmic noon
9:55 10:15 20 Contributed Danilo Marchesini The Evolution of the Progenitors of Today's Ultra-massive Galaxies Over the Last 12 Gyr
10:15 10:35 20 Contributed Ken-ichi Tadaki Rapid formation of a central bulge in massive galaxies at z~2: from MAHALO-Subaru to GRACIAS-ALMA
10:35 11:05 30 Coffee break
11:05 11:30 25 Targeted John D. Silverman Physical properties of star-forming galaxies near cosmic noon
11:30 11:50 20 Contributed Tadayuki Kodama Panoramic mapping of star formation activities across environments since z~3
11:50 12:10 20 Contributed Masato Onodera ISM excitation and metallicity of star-forming galaxies at z~3.3 from near-IR spectroscopy
12:10 12:30 1 Poster short talks (P7-P20)
12:30 14:00 90 Lunch break
Chair: Kodama 14:00 14:25 25 Targeted Richard Bower The evolution of disk angular momentum of the past 10-Gyr
14:25 14:45 20 Contributed Seiji Fujimoto Extremely Faint Millimeter Sources Identified by Multi-Field Deep ALMA Survey and Subaru Follow-up Spectroscopy
14:45 15:05 20 Contributed Tomotsugu Goto Cosmic star formation history revealed by AKARI and Hyper Suprime Cam
15:05 15:25 20 Contributed Yoshiki Toba Clustering properties of infrared bright dust-obscured galaxies selected with HSC and WISE
15:25 15:55 30 Coffee break
15:55 16:30 35 Review Peter S Behroozi The Connection between Galaxy Growth and Dark Matter Halo Assembly from z=0 - 10
16:30 16:50 20 Contributed Haruka Kusakabe Dark matter halo and stellar properties of extremely low-mass galaxies at z~2
16:50 17:10 20 Contributed Yusei Koyama From Panoramic to Microscopic: Probing the Nature of Cluster Galaxy Population across Cosmic Time with Subaru
17:10 17:30 20 Contributed Jin Koda The Subaru Survey of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in Galaxy Clusters

Wed, 30th Nov

II. Cosmic Noon/Afternoon (Continuued)
Chair: Ferguson 9:20 9:55 35 Review Pieter van Dokkum The formation and evolution of massive galaxies
9:55 10:20 25 Targeted Natascha Forster-Schreiber Witnessing In-situ the Growth and Transformations of Galaxies at Cosmic Noon
III. Galaxy Archaeology
10:20 10:55 35 Review Anna Frebel (remote) Observing the signature of a single prolific r-process event in an ultra-faint dwarf galaxy
10:55 11:20 25 Targeted Wako Aoki Spectroscopic approach to Galactic Archaeology with Subaru
11:20 11:40 20 Contributed Sakurako Okamoto Galaxy Archaeology of M81 group
11:40 12:00 20 Contributed Rosemary Wyse The Structure and Substructure of the Milky Way Discs
12:00 12:10 1 Poster short talks (P21-P27)
12:10 Excursion to Miyajima or Free afternoon

Thu, 1st Dec

III. Galaxy Archaeology (continuued)
Chair: Wyse 9:20 9:55 35 Review Raja Guhathakurta The Stellar Halos of Galaxies
9:55 10:20 25 Targeted Melissa Ness The first stellar age map of the Milky Way
10:20 10:40 20 Contributed Masashi Chiba Subaru Hyper Suprime Cam Survey of the Andromeda Halo
10:40 11:10 30 Coffee break
11:10 11:45 35 Review Evan Kirby The Diversity of Metallicity Distributions of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
11:45 12:10 25 Targeted Beth Willman Pre-cursor LSST Galactic Archeology with Subaru/HSC
12:10 12:30 20 Contributed Yutaka Komiyama Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey for Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
12:30 14:00 90 Lunch break
IV. Cosmology
Chair: Strauss 14:00 14:35 35 Review John Peacock Fundamental cosmology and the galaxy distribution
14:35 14:55 20 Contributed Fabian Koehlinger The KiDS-450 weak-lensing power spectrum, neutrinos, and baryons
14:55 15:15 20 Contributed Masahiro Takada Constraining the abundance of primordial black holes with HSC M31 observation
15:15 15:45 30 Coffee break
15:45 16:10 25 Targeted Elisabeth Krause The power of combining cosmological probes
16:10 16:30 20 Contributed Nobuhiro Okabe NECSUS : Subaru/HSC Weak-lensing Analysis of Very Nearby Galaxy Clusters
16:30 16:50 20 Contributed Kenneth C. Wong Discovery of a Double Source Plane Lens in the Hyper Suprime Cam Survey
16:50 17:00 1 Poster short talks (P28-P35)
19:00 Conference dinner : ANA Crowne Plaza Hiroshima/ 3F Cattleya

Fri, 2nd Dec

V. Wide Field Surveys
Chair: Silverman 9:20 9:55 35 Review Satoshi Miyazaki Status of HSC SSP Survey
9:55 10:15 20 Contributed Masao Hayashi Probing star forming galaxies at z<1.5 with wide-field HSC-SSP narrowband data
10:15 10:40 25 Targeted Luigi Guzzo Large-scale structure and galaxy evolution at z~1 with the VIPERS survey
10:40 11:10 30 Coffee break
11:10 11:45 35 Review Josh Frieman The Dark Energy Survey
11:45 12:10 25 Targeted Konrad Kuijken KiDS: The Kilo-Degree Survey
12:10 12:25 1 Poster short talks (P36-P47)
12:25 13:50 85 Lunch break
Chair: Takada 13:50 14:25 35 Review Karl Glazebrook The future (and past) of ground based galaxy evolution surveys in the JWST era?
14:25 14:45 20 Contributed Naoyuki Tamura Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) for the Subaru Telescope: A very wide-field, massively multiplexed, optical and near-infrared spectrograph
14:45 15:10 25 Targeted Jenny Greene (remote) Galaxy Evolution with the Prime Focus Spectrograph
15:10 15:40 30 Coffee break
15:40 16:00 20 Contributed Yosuke Minowa ULTIMATE-Subaru: Next panoramic strategy of Subaru in near-infrared
16:00 16:20 20 Contributed Andrew Hopkins The Taipan Galaxy Survey
16:20 16:40 20 Contributed Harry Ferguson Challenges for Deep-Wide Galaxy Survey Astronomy
16:40 17:15 35 Summary Richard Ellis Conference Summary
17:15 17:20 5 Closing Nobuo Arimoto

Poster(pdf files)

     The size of the poster board is 90cm(w) by 180cm(h). Please do not exceed this size. Recommended size is portrait posters in A0 size.
I. Cosmic Dawn 
P1 Nentaro Nagamine High-z Galaxy Formation and Seed Black Hole Formation via Direct Collapse
P2 Koki Kakiichi Probing reionization using Lyman alpha emitting galaxies and QSO spectra
P3 Taku Okamura Angular momentum evolution of disk galaxies at high redshifts
P4 Ryota Kawamata Size-luminosity relations at z=6-9 from HFF data and their implications for the fraction of undetected galaxies
P5 Masafusa Onoue The IGM Study at the epoch of reionization with Low-luminosity Quasars at z>6
P6 Ryo Higuchi Bright-End Excesses of the Ly_alpha Luminosity Functions at z=5.7 and 6.6 Identified by Subaru/HSC Survey: Implications for the Faint AGN Contribution to Cosmic Reionization
II. Cosmic Noon/Afternoon 
P7 Satoru Katsuda Spatially-Resolved Spectroscopy of a Balmer-Dominated Shock in the Cygnus Loop: An Extremely Thin Cosmic-Ray Precursor?
P8 Koki Terao Near-infrared spectroscopy of Seyfert galaxies for examining the ionization mechanism of narrow-line regions
P9 Kazuyuki Ogura A search for over-density regions thorough damped Ly-alpha absorption systems
P10 Bodo L. Ziegler Quantitative Evolution of Disk Galaxies
P11 Chao-Ling Hung A kinematic view of galaxy evolution from cosmic noon to today
P12 Ken Mawatari Imaging of z=3.1 HI absorbers in the SSA22 proto-cluster region
P13 Taira Oogi Quasar clustering in a semi-analytic model based on ultra high-resolution N-body simulation
P14 Yusuke Nitta Studying the redshift evolution of narrow-line regions in the active galactic nucleus
P15 Shiro Mukae Cosmic Galaxy-IGM HI Relation at z~2-3 Probed in the COSMOS/UltraVISTA 1.6 deg2 Field
P16 Kota Kawasaki What determines the quasar outflow? -- Statistical analysis of rest-frame UV spectra of BOSS quasars
P17 Abdurrouf Spatially-resolved star-formation main sequence in the local massive spiral galaxies
P18 Kiyoto Yabe The chemical properties of star-forming galaxies at z~1.4 revealed with Subaru/FMOS
P19 Takashi Kojima Evolution of N/O Abundance Ratios and Ionization Parameters at z~0-2 Investigated by the Direct Temperature Method
P20 Masaru Kajisawa Evolution of galaxies with episodic star formation at 0.2 < z < 1.0 in COSMOS
III. Galaxy Archaeology
P21 Akatoki Noboriguchi Optical properties of Dust-Obscured Galaxies viewed with Hyper Suprime- Cam
P22 Andrea L. Silva ALMA detected overdensity of sub-millimeter sources around WISE/NVSS-selected z~2 dusty quasars
P23 Miho N. Ishigaki Line-of-sight velocity and metallicity measurements of the Palomar 5 tidal stream
P24 Mikito Tanaka Resolved stellar structures around NGC4631 from a Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam survey
P25 Tadafumi Matsuno Searching for the cause of low lithium abundances
P26 Daisuke Homma A New Milky Way Satellite Discovered In The Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey
P27 Xudong Gao Removing systematic uncertainties in chemical tagging using non-LTE analysis of open clusters
IV. Cosmology
P28 Verma Manohar Murli Emergence of the wheel, (and not the arrow) of time from cosmic structures
P29 Ryoma Murata MCMC calibration of the optical richness-halo mass scaling relation for massive SDSS clusters with N-body simulations
P30 Kazuhiro Yamamoto Halo approach to power spectrum and bispectrum of galaxies in redshift space
P31 Hyunmi Song Quasars as a tracer of large-scale structures in the distant universe
P32 Hiroko Niikura Detection of universality of dark matter profile from Subaru weak lensing measurements of 50 massive clusters
P33 Cristian Saez Strong Lensing In The Inner Halo Of Galaxy Clusters
P34 Atsushi J. Nishizawa Systematic Study for Void Cosmology
P35 Xiao-Dong Li Cosmological Constraints from the Redshift Dependence of the Alcock-Paczynski Effect
V. Wide Field Surveys
P36 Mana Niida The faint end of the quasar luminosity function at z~5 explored with the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam data
P37 Ji-an Jiang Deep Multi--Band Early-Phase Type Ia Supernova Survey with Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam
P38 Moegi Yamamoto The hybrid and wide-field cluster survey with HSC-SSP data: Star-formation history in the clusters at z~1
P40 Vincenzo Mainieri The importance of AGN feedback in galaxy evolution: challenges for current and future wide area surveys
P41 Kodai Nobuhara HSC-FIRST radio galaxy survey: Selection and initial results
P42 Yuki Kimura Variability-selected low luminosity AGN: Getting less massive Black Holes in high-redshift galaxies
P43 Kohei Shinoka The origin of LyA emitter with large Equivalent width in SSA22 protocluster
P44 Hisakazu Uchiyama Correlation between QSOs and protoclusters using HSC
P45 Kentaro Motohara SWIMS, New PI-Type Simultaneous color Wide-Field Imager/MOS on Subaru
P46 Wanqiu He Constraints on BH growth history from QSO clustering at z~4 with HSC wide field imaging.
P47 Keita Miyaoka X-ray mass measurement of massive galaxy clusters in the HSC SSP survey region